Where They Stand, and Fall

WILBERN E. BEST, (1919 - 2007) pastor and author

"There was no compatibility between the ideas of Augustine and Pelagius, and there was none between Calvin's views and those of Arminius. Furthermore, there is no intellectual harmony today between those who believe in free grace and those who believe in free will."

"A person who ascribes salvation to man's free will knows nothing of free grace."

"Controversy exists over the freedom of the will. Pelagians maintained that there is absolute freedom of the will. Semi-pelagians believed that God gives equal ability to all men, and that some use it to become Christians, and others use it to reject Jesus Christ."

"Free agency is the power to decide according to one's character. Free will is the power to change one's character by volition or choice. Free agency belongs to every man, but the power to change one's character by the exercise of the will does not belong to mankind."

"Free will is attractive to natural men because it appeals to their PRIDE."

Free Grace versus Free Will, p. 8, 20, 23, 27, 37.

The late Wilbern Best was associated with Kingwood Assembly of Christ, Kingwood, TX.  See W. E. Best Book Missionary Trust.

Note:  This author correctly held to the truths of God’s sovereign electing grace and the efficacy of faith in Christ’s death and shed Blood as the only basis for righteousness.  However, his non-dispensational approach to Scripture hindered his ability to fully see and acknowledge the Biblical revelation of soteriological diversity in God’s application of redemption.  See the article: The Soteriological Differences Between Dispensationalism and the Reformed/Puritan Tradition and Sovereignty and Responsibility

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